I run a couple of image heavy WordPress blogs and have been clicking each image one by one to remove the links on them.  Clicking each image seemed like a huge waste of time so I went looking for a solution.  Google search results had people making plugins and doing things with jQuery to set href to # and all kinds of weird stuff.  The real solution is just to load the hidden WordPress options menu at:


Scroll down until you see the option “image_default_link_type”

The options you can change that to are:

  • blank
  • file
  • post

Blank removes the link.  File makes images link directly the image file.  Post links the image to a dedicated URL that’ll look something like example.com/?attachment=134.

Now all you have to do is click save after you’ve set image_default_link_type to what you want.  Pretty simple right?  If you were attempting to code  a plugin or looking for a javascript solution… STAHP! :)


Garbage Version 2.0 – The 8-Bit Edition

by Adam Struve on August 7, 2012

What a great album to do an 8-bit version of.



Alright Alright

by Adam Struve on June 12, 2012

I’m going to start blogging more.  It’s just going to be a brain-dump  for me.  Let’s see if I actually do it.

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First Blog Post Of 2011

by Adam Struve on December 20, 2011

It’s funny how my first blog post of 2011 is December 20th 2011.  I always say I’ll start blogging again, but we’ll see.  I’m headed to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas next month and I’m going to be building a new man cave / office early next year.  Maybe I can blog about those things.


Geek Love Radio

by Adam Struve on December 23, 2010

Yesterday I was thinking about the internet radio show / podcast that Richard Lech and I did while in college called Geek Love Radio.  I did a search on Google to see what was still around these days and ended up finding there is a new show with the same name.  The guy who started it didn’t notice there already was a show called Geek Love Radio until he had already started.   Traded some tweets with him and listened to the show.  Not bad, just really weird to hear them say the name of the show, but it’s not Richard or I.

I ended up having a hard drive crash that caused me to loose the majority of the Geek Love archive so we are piecing it all back together between the two of us.  Luckily Jason Scott over at textfiles.com archived the majority of the season one Geek Love Radio.  We had three seasons so there is a lot of work to do.  I know that between the two of us we probably do have almost every episode scattered around various hard drives and old CDRs and DVDRs.

I did manage to dig up one interview we did with a local tv station and put it on YouTube.

Still looking for other videos like Geek Love Radio on G4 / Tech TV’s show The Screen Savers.

Here is the new show that shares the name: http://misterwizard.podomatic.com/


Everyone welcome my son Lucas.

by Adam Struve on December 21, 2010

My son Lucas was born on November 30th 2010.  Being a father is an awesome feeling and puts so much more passion and motivation into my life.

Here is my little future geek:


Blog Changes, Again

by Adam Struve on September 29, 2010

I like blogging, and have a number of blogs.  The problem is that I seem to always neglect my personal blog.  I guess I’m still just trying to figure out that format I want.  I guess it’ll just be a grab bag of info until I figure it out.

I have a number of things I’m doing on the side.

  • Codeigniter development.  I hope to make some libraries and helpers available to the public soon.
  • WordPress Themes.  I’ve gotten back into that again.  More into developing premium style themes.
  • Stepping up my affiliate marketing.

I’m headed to Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas in January with Sheldon over at riscit.info.  I’m hustling hard to have a lot of my projects together before then.

I’m eventualy going to be dropping Thesis and going with my own custom theme for this blog.  Thesis is great for what it is, but I’m just too much of a DIY person.


Hurricane Earl

by Adam Struve on August 31, 2010

Experiencing a hurricane has been on my todo list for a long time. Hurricane Earl passed over Puerto Rico yesterday. We didn’t get the worst of it, but enough so that I can say I’ve been in one.

I enjoy weather, but power outages and Internet outages I can do without. I’m making this blog post from my phone at the moment because my ISP is still down. I have a 3G wifi hub that I bought last week, but it isn’t supposed to be delivered until tomorrow.


Blog Changes

by Adam Struve on June 10, 2010

I’ve decided to change the format of this blog to be more personal.  I need an outlet to share my interest in various things and this is the place to do it.  I am going to be starting a business / web development / entrepreneur blog at another location.  I’ll have more details on that later.

Things I’ll probably be blogging here about:

  • Family Life (I’m married and we are expecting).
  • Airports & Rail Systems.  I’ve become really into those over the years.
  • Various personal coding projects.
  • Travel
  • Opinions
  • Yep, pretty much what you would expect from a personal blog.

It’ll be a grab bag blog, but all relevant to my interests.  This site has been a personal blog many times over the years and I think I still have a few backups of old blog posts so I might import them if I think they are worth making available.


Update On Crawling Out

by Adam Struve on May 28, 2010

Since my last post I’ve started a big lifestyle change by eating healthier and exercising frequently.  In addition to that I’ve stopped drinking coffee.  Giving up coffee wasn’t too bad.  I went from having 3+ cups a day to 0.  I only had maybe 2 hours of headaches the day I went cold turkey and that was it.  As a result I’m waking up in the morning much earlier and feeling a lot more refreshed.  I used to wake as a zombie just waiting for the first cup of Joe.  I feel like these changes have had a nice effect on my productivity.  The cleaner the fuel the better the performance.

I’ve also started working with Codeigniter recently.  I have to say that so far I’m really loving it.  I was looking for a PHP MVC framework to learn and I decided to go with Codeigniter over CakePHP just because I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and I think I’d prefer a framework that didn’t’ require me to use the command line.  I’m comfortable with the command line, but needing to use it for PHP development just sounds like fail.  I’ve had people tell me that Codeigniter isn’t true MVC, but whatever.  Just like anything else there are fan boys and haters.

I have kind of a fun site / project I’m developing with Codeigniter that I’ll announce with the time comes.

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